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Online shopping has gotten a little crazy hasn't it?

We all love the convenience of shopping online, but lately it seems like our favorite online retailers don't have our best interests in mind.

How can 1 Dollar Things help?

We show you products from your favorite retailers without the ads, pressure, upsells and recommendations. You don't log in to 1 Dollar Things, so we don't know anything about you. If we can improve your experience by tracking your preferences, we'll let you know first and save it in a simple cookie. Nothing sneaky here. This allows you to think clearly as you shop. Once you have made a decision, you can go on to make a purchase with the retailer as usual. We aim to protect you from Dark Patterns.

We will also try to educate you about how online shopping works behind the scenes so that you can shop safely once you leave here and venture out into the wild wild web.

Our story

1 Dollar Things started with the goal of creating a great bargain hunting experience online. We quickly learned that there is something off about the way that online shopping works and wanted to do something about it. We are inspired by the work of the Center for Humane Technology and want to do our part to elevate you rather than try to sneak our way into your purse or wallet. We certainly don't want to demand any more of your attention than we deserve.

How would you like to shop today?

I am here to enjoy the thrill of a bargain hunt This option is like browsing the aisles of your favorite bargain store. Retail therapy doesn't have to cost a lot!

I just want to shop online without being sold something I don't want or need We never try to get you to buy more stuff.

I have a budget but I need inspiration You can enter a dollar amount and we will only show you things that cost less than that dollar amount.

I am looking for the best selling items in my price range If possible, we always sort our results by "best selling" criteria

I only want to see items that are amazon prime eligible It takes a little extra searching but we can dig up just Prime eligible items.

Here's how it works: If you choose so, product links take you directly to the appropriate product on the retailer's website. Cookies are used in order to give us credit for helping you find what you were looking for. We will receive a commission for products you purchase as a result of using this app.

How to get the most out of this app

Shopping for low priced items

Using the last bit of a gift card

Finding only Amazon prime items

Finding the best stuff

Why do you keep talking about affiliate marketing?

1 Dollar Things is monetized using Affiliate Marketing. We know a lot about how it works and we want you to also. It is a sneaky technology but it also powers great things on the internet. We try to be more transparent about how it works than the average app so that you can be an enlightened consumer.

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